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There are always possibilities
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Tachyos :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 6 5 Mega Dialga :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 6 0 WIP Pirue Running Sprite :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 1 2 Shellgee :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 3 0 Trayllo :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 1 0 Goleftis :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 5 0 Sluggoust :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 2 0 Geiostha :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 3 0 Contest Entry :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 3 1 Echwing :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 4 1 Slugmore :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 3 0 Charcaros :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 2 0 Trofvlas :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 3 0 Lilypole :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 5 0 Mungam Pokedex Sprite Sheet :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 2 1 Hypozzle :iconfloralpikmin99:Floralpikmin99 5 0


Pokemon Drawings / Pokemon Sprites
I'm open to draw pokemon for anyone! I also can make sprites in my own personal style as well.
I ask that you have at least a rough sketch of the pokemon you want me to draw, so I don't get any details messed up in their art. (Although if I do mess up I will go back and fix it without hesitation.)

Pokemon Drawings can be requested of any size ranging from 400px to 1000px. Base pokemon usually are 400, 1st evolution are 550, etc. Mega evolutions (Which I have yet to post, but they won't be drawn much different) are more suited for the 1000px range.

Only one Pokemon per purchase!

    If you request artwork, I will offer sprites for it free of charge in the same pose as the artwork. Shinies are included in this.
            (I can either make up the shiny coloration completely, or you can list what colors you want in what areas.)
Sprites also are under a 96px max, based on the B/W system. 
Alternate forms are also included if there are any.

                                ***I ask that you don't request any religious based or obscene pokemon.***
           I also prefer to draw Fakemon more than OCs. Both are allowed, but that's just my personal preference.
Spore Drawings
Well, this might be a little outdated considering the Spore community has kinda died in the past couple years but I'm going for it anyways. I'm into drawing people's Spore creations, mainly because drawing creatures is my specialty, and getting a new style, a new theme is always exciting. 

If you'd like me to draw one of your Spore creatures all I ask is that you tell me your: 
1.Spore Username 
2.Exact name of the creature
3. If it's a Captain, Civilian, Tribe member, a normal creature, or a cell.
(No buildings, Spaceships, etc.)

If I can't get to the creature's page, either provide me a like via Note or make a Youtube video showing the entire creature and then link me to that.

Now a Few rules:
1. No creatures with inappropriate parts or Sexual themes.
2. May sound stupid, but please no Human creations (Spore creatures made to look like actual people)
3. Please only request the creatures you made, maybe I can't 100% prove if it's you or not, but please. Your creations only!
4. Don't be rude.

I look forward to drawing some Spore creatures!


Lady Kiyomizu :icondragonofdivinewind:dragonofdivinewind 32 17 Pick your own caption... :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 25 5 The Majestic Ho-Oh :iconmadeincolour:madeinCOLOUR 208 13 The Mighty Lugia :iconmadeincolour:madeinCOLOUR 269 31 Hazer Dragon :iconleodragonsworks:LeoDragonsWorks 14 5 The Daily Sketch #84: Floofy Draggie :icondragondrawer102:DragonDrawer102 11 32 Deathsong :iconziraavafury6:ZiraAvaFury6 50 3 Blessed child :icongryadventures:GryAdventures 2,146 92 Emerald cavern :iconimalou:Imalou 603 25 Dialga :iconilona-the-sinister:Ilona-the-Sinister 229 3 Giratina :iconilona-the-sinister:Ilona-the-Sinister 230 3 Palkia :iconilona-the-sinister:Ilona-the-Sinister 163 1 Kooglock :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 13 2 The Daily Sketch #27: Nebula Draggie :icondragondrawer102:DragonDrawer102 56 7 ToxenBust :icontoxictoucan:ToxicToucan 10 0 (Animated) Octobit - Day 28! :iconbbrunomoraes:bbrunomoraes 119 13


:icondeviantcarnation: :iconprussiawest: :iconmarie102798: :icone-17707: :iconbluestone19: :iconkizzykirkland: :iconsomekh: :iconxous54:



Also, I remember hearing that my arceus origin form had made it's way to tumblr. If anyone knows of the post it's on, could someone send me a link?  I'm just curious.
I'm alive I promise. I'll be updating my pokemon sprites and put my dream faked on a hold for the time being. I have more pokemon, but I don't have the will to draw them.
So Mega Rayquaza was just announced nearly a week ago… I love its design. So, me and my grandma are going to work on a plush of it together… Currently it seems nobody else has a plush of him, so I could technically be the first to announce such a project. Why am I announcing? Well, I dunno, just for the fun of it.

As I work though I plan to update with pictures with progress. I'll be posting pictures to my Instagram account which can be found here:

This should be one of my largest plush, and one heck of a project. Feedback or maybe even useful tips would be appreciated!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love Pokemon, Pikmin, anything with strange creatures! Through my average day I usually make tons and tons of creatures that I practice drawing through my school days, but only a few of them are drawn on my computer to be published. I'm usually the one acting stupid, or being awkward around friends while alone, I'm quiet and quite smart (Mostly A's and B's in all my classes). I have big plans for the future, yet I can never seem to get working on them.


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